follow up

I failed. Please disregard my post before. I’m not going to change it.


Heads up

I’m changing my Writing stuff url from jwatz18 to something cooler…i’ll let you know once i’ve changed it by updating it here

side note

We take for granted what we can see. We take for grant how well society caters to those that can see. Touch screen phones…slowly making braille¬†obsolete. Maybe it was before touch screens. Maybe it was keyboards and computers and cars and phones. Maybe it’s those things. We take for granted all of these things…Take for granted that we can be witnesses. That we can witness birth and death, and legal proceedings. We can be writers, and directors, and painters. He can play football and hockey. ¬†This that i’m writing right now might not even be recognized by those who don’t already have this privilege.

An apology

I’ve been keeping up the with Writer 101 business, but yesterday a flight to Madison, Wisconsin was supposed to land before 6..and i didn’t end up getting there until 10. I was tired and kind of cranky. I slept immediately. I will be updating today with two new stories, hopefully. I am also cleaning up for my Aunt and applying to like ten jobs.

If i have any fans out there, this is for you all. C:

Sorry. I’ll try to be better about all of this.